At Tomik we focus on three main areas of service

  • High End Residential Construction
  • Executive level Renovations and Extensions
  • Some Light Commercial Projects

Environmental and Sustainable Building

Tomik strive to ensure our construction sites are as environmentally friendly as possible. With up to 50% of landfill waste in New Zealand being a direct result of construction debris, Tomik strive to minimise waste production. We also act onsite by separating waste and disposing of the same as sustainably as possible. Where possible we focus on the necessity to Reduce, Re-Use and Recycle and as a last resort, use Residual Dipsosal.

We also have a history of sustainable building projects on Waiheke Island with a recent project being featured in a 2010 internationally recognised sustainable building publication: (Ecological Living...teNeues...Italy). One of only 2 New Zealand houses to be featured.

We regularly offer our clients advice on sustainable environmentally friendly building product alternatives that can be used within the scope of construction documents provided, and where possible choose alternative supply options.

Quality Assurance

Working with a carefully chosen and trusted group of quality craftsman sub-contractors and consultants, we are committed to ensure the highest quality finish available for our clients.

We stand behind our workmanship with a strong emphasis on professional presentation and personal service.

Being builders in Waiheke Island, Tomik Ltd is an active member of The Certified Builders Association: a minimum requirement all members must be Trade qualified........ unlike other industry associations.

As members of the Certified Builders Association we can offer all our clients the assurance of the Associations ‘10 year First Home Guarantee’.

Our senior staff are all trade qualified and are individual Licensed Building Practitioners (LBPs). As of March 2012, the government enforced registration ensured that all trade personnel working on construction sites in New Zealand must be LBPs or under direct supervision of a LBP.

At Tomik we are highly pro-active about being licensed and advocate the need for the recognition of the quality mark the brand will hold.

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